Since it’s founding in 2002, the WARAIRE BOSWELL brand has been synonymous with attention to detail, proper fit, style, taste level and innovation.  An alumnus of California State University at Northridge, WARAIRE began his career working for United Talent Agency and William Morris Agency.  It was here that co/workers (agents) took notice of his unique combinations and attention to detail.  WARAIRE parted ways from the agency and began making custom menswear full-time in 2002.  WARAIRE applies comfortable, quality techniques to a spectrum of fabrics, giving his work a unique sensibility.  Collections are comprehensive, with an extraordinary range, united by a dedication and eye for the cutting edge, and a paramount level of quality. WARAIRE’s designs, respect craftsmanship, precise detail and high quality finishing. WARAIRE represents a passion for luxury.  This unwavering commitment is woven into everything he does.  All of WARAIRE’s pieces are conceptualized and made in Los Angeles, CA.
While WARAIRE’s roots are closely associated with established Hollywood Agents, A-list celebrities & Athletes, he has a diverse spectrum of customers with backgrounds and professions from all over the globe. Dressing A-list celebrities for The Grammy’s, Golden Globes, The ESPYs, MTV awards and tailoring for tastemakers and industry insiders.  Clients include: Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, Lawrence Kasdan, Oliver Stone, and Pharrell Williams, in addition to athletic luminaries such as: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, DeAndre Jordan Kevin Love and many others.
WARAIRE has been featured in the top men's fashion and lifestyle publications, websites, and blogs vital to the fashion industry.
What continually sets the WARAIRE BOSWELL brand apart from its contemporaries is the designer’s uncanny ability to provide a unique look to clients of various heights and shapes. To WARAIRE, one’s size puts no limitations on construction. From eclectic celebrities to conservative businessmen alike, anyone can tailor their perfect moment in WARAIRE BOSWELL.