GQ Highlights LA Clippers DeAndre Jordan in Waraire Boswell Custom

GQ steps ahead of the sneakers and suits trend and deems Mr Jordan's Waraire Boswell ensemble one of the best thus far.

"Clippers player DeAndre Jordan, also in a navy suit, got it right (with the exception of that toothpick). He opted for dress sneakers—i.e. high-shine leather sneakers with a rubber sole—which make a statement against the suit without looking completely out of place. Matching his shirt to his shoes was also a good move as it kept the outfit from looking too all over the place. (When you’re 6’11” that’s definitely something you have to worry about.)

There’s no doubt that the suit-with-sneakers thing is going down in history as an important, era-defining look. The question is whether it will be remembered fondly. As you can see, it all comes down to the shoes."

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